This summer marks Apollinaire Theatre’s 15th annual production of free, outdoor, theatre. This family friendly cultural event and Chelsea tradition is made entirely possible thanks to friends like you!

This July we are producing Swiss playwright Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s masterwork The Visit. In this tragic comedy, billionaire Claire Zachanassian returns to the destitute hometown she left in disgrace 45 years ago, bent on exacting retribution on the true love who betrayed her. At first the indignant citizens reject her offer of cash for a corpse. They talk importantly of their town’s cultural and humane traditions. But when they start buying new shoes, cognac, cars- and all on credit- there is only one way to meet the bills.

  • We are known for challenging and inspiring our audiences, and this show promises no less!
  • With its unique landscape, Chelsea’s waterfront PORT Park enhances our popular environmental staging where we move the audience throughout the park with the action. Your donation will also help to activate an outdoor space in Chelsea.
  • The Apollinaire Play Lab’s Acting and Performance Intensive for teens will culminate in students performing Latin American Folk Tales and Legends as curtain-raisers for The Visit. The youth performance schedule will be announced early in July.
  • A volunteer cast of community members will be appearing in non-speaking ensemble roles, rehearsing and performing in the same evening. In fact, if you are interested in taking the stage we’d LOVE to have you! Register here for one night or many: http://www.apollinairetheatre.com/support/joinusforthevisit.html

The Visit is running July 12th to the 30th
Wed.-Sun. 7:30
PORT Park, 99 Marginal St., Chelsea